Boyer, J. Patrick.

Our scandalous Senate / J. Patrick Boyer. - Toronto, Ont. : Dundurn, c2014. - 387 p. ; 23 cm.

Includes index. The Senate of Canada was created as a temporary expedient at the time of Confederation, offered as part of the negotiations to bring Canada's original colonial provinces into the new political union in the mid-1860s. Since then, the original provinces with upper houses abolished them. New provinces were created without second chambers to their legislatures. Only the Parliament of Canada remains stuck with its redundant and irrelevant colonial relic, costly to maintain and out of step with the values of a modern democratic country. Today, the Senate of Canada is rocked by ongoing scandal. News of this far-reaching scandal rightly disturbs Canadians, but the realnational scandal is the very existence of the Senate itself. v. 44 no. 3 (Winter 2015) Selected Accessions List -- Politics and Government

Preface: We Don't Have $37 Million and Two Years -- 1. Anatomy of a Scandal -- 2. Taking a Risk with Celebrity Senators -- 3. Senators in Free-Float -- 4. The Elements of Scandal Combine -- 5. Ignition -- 6. The Booster Rocket Kicks In -- 7. Senate Scandal Liftoff -- 8. Scandal Hollows Out Canada's Senate -- 9. A Relic Lost in Orbit -- 10. An Improbable Institution -- 11. A Prime Minister's Handmaid -- 12. The End of Regional Representation -- 13. Thinking Twice About Sober Second Thought 14. Conflicting Mandates and Partisan Deadlock -- 15. Getting Serious About Senate Reform -- 16. Backward Turned Backward -- 17. An Elected Senate, Even Worse -- 18. Crazy Senate Scrambles -- 19. The Puzzle of Stephen Harper -- 20. Clear Choice FacesCanadians.

9781459723665, 04/12/15, 18.73

Canada. Parliament. Senate --Corrupt practices.
Canada. Parliament. Senate --Reform.

Political corruption--Canada.

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