Rapport du Comité d'étude soumis à Monsieur Russell H. T. King, Ministre de la Santé et des Services Communautaires au sujet des enquêtes relatives aux enfants victimes d'atteintes sexuelles, le 7 mai 1993. - Fredericton : Le comité, 1993. - 15 p. ; 29 cm.

Also available in English under title : Report of review committee to the Honourable Russell H.T. King, M.D., Minster of Health and Community Services on the investigation of child sexual abuse, May 7, 1993. "The committee was directed to review interventions undertaken following child sexual abuse allegations involving a New Brunswick family to determine if the 'Guidelines for protecting child victims of abuse and neglect' and departmental child protection standards are adequate and accuracy reflect the balance of child and parental rights as legislated under the Family Services Act".

CA2 NB HEA R2502f 1993

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