Bureaucracy and the public : a reader in official-client relations / edited by Elihu Katz & Brenda Danet. - New York : Basic Books, [1973] - ix, 534 p. ; 25 cm.

Introduction: Bureaucracy as a problem for sociology and society.--Environmental factors, culture and community: Almond, G. and Verba, S. Expectations of treatment by government and the police. Presthus, R.V. The social bases of bureaucratic organization. Sjoberg, G., Brymer, R.A., and Farris, B. Bureaucracy and the lower class. Katz, E., and Eisenstadt, S.N. Some sociological observations on the response of Israeli organizations to new immigrants. Reiss, A.J., Jr. and Bordua, D.J. Environment and organization: a perspective on the police. Miller, D.R. and Swanson, G.E. Child training in entrepreneurial and bureaucratic families. Milgram, S. Behavioral study of obedience. Kohn, M.L. Bureaucratic man: a portrait and an interpretation.--The influence of the organization, goals, roles, and structures: Katz, E. and Danet, B. Petitions and persuasive appeals: a study of official-client relations. Thompson, J.D. Organizations and output transactions. Berk, B.B. Organizational goals and inmate organization.


Organizational change.
Political participation.


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